Rubber Bands for Braces, Explained

Whether you’ve had orthodontic treatment or not, you’ve seen people wearing elastics or rubber bands as part of the process. But do you know what they’re used for? To help give you a better idea of why rubber bands are used with metal or clear braces, we’ll explain what they are, why they’re used, and Read More

Invisalign Platinum Provider 2019 Promotion

Congratulations to Dr. Carlyn Phucas! Awarded 2019 Invisalign Platinum Provider status for the 7th consecutive year!   In celebration, we have a Special Invisalign Offer for you*: $500 OFF Invisalign and FREE Teeth Whitening ($250 value) when you start Invisalign treatment between February 5, 2019 and April 30, 2019. (Invisalign scan must be completed by April Read More

Is Juicing Bad for Your Teeth?

At the start of every new year, most of us begin to reevaluate our waistlines and opt for a healthier lifestyle. With the growing popularity of juicing in recent years, more of our patients have been turning to this diet as a means of increasing their fruit and vegetable intake. While blending veggies, fruits, and Read More

Learn Your ABC’s of Orthodontics

We know that with the new year beginning, now is the best time to learn what some call the “ABC’s of Orthodontics.” Simply put, “A” is for age, “B” is for braces types, and “C” is for cost and/or choice. Using this approach makes dealing with orthodontics a whole lot easier. Age is an important Read More

New Year, New Me

At the start of each new year, we often hear people say, “New year, new me.” But what exactly does that mean? At Carlyn Phucas Orthodontics, we say “New year, new smile, better hygiene.” To help you start the new year with a great smile and better oral health, we’ve come up with a list Read More

Blown Away by Bad Breath

At Carlyn Phucas Orthodontics, we understand that bad breath can be a big turn off for most people, especially those that are image-conscious. It is also very annoying for people who deal with the problem. How can you tell if you have bad breath? What is the cause of bad breath Is there any way Read More

Fall Invisalign Special: $600 Off Treatment!

Fall is a time to give thanks, and Carlyn Phucas Orthodontics is thankful for YOU!!! Does your smile beam with confidence? Are your teeth shifting? Never wore your retainer? Have you been wishing for a straighter, healthier smile? Dr. Carlyn Phucas invites you, your family and friends to receive an exclusive, limited-time offer: $600 OFF Read More

What Happens When We Swallow Gum?

Dr. Carlyn Phucas and the Carlyn Phucas Orthodontics team want to dispel an urban legend about chewing gum: if you swallow a wad of gum, it does not sit in your stomach for seven years. In most cases, actually, not even seven days. While it is true that gum is not meant to be swallowed, it Read More